Why Do I Need Liability Insurance?

On my son’s birthday, as we do every year, I invite my family and closest friends for a dinner.

This year something very unusual happened which, fortunately, ended in the best way and without much harm.

Mrs. Luciana, who was my son’s nanny until he was three, also came to the dinner. We were all having a nice chat when suddenly I saw that Kaio – our dog – had Mrs. Luciana’s hearing aid in his mouth. I tried at all costs to take it out of his mouth, but, when I managed, it was already broken…

Mrs. Luciana had taken the hearing aid out of her ear and put it on the arm of the sofa to fix her hair because of the strong wind and Kaio took it to play.

The device had cost about 1.000€. We were in panic because we did not have that amount available.

Fortunately, our friend Luís, a trusted person who takes care of all our insurance, reminded us that the insurance we had done for Kaio could be used for this case. We immediately made the report to the insurance company and the company paid for the hearing aid device.